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The Characteristics And Working Principle of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor

Sep. 18, 2020

1. Working principle of permanent magnet synchronous motor-introduction

The Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor is actually a kind of alternating current motor. Its stator runs with three phase difference alternating current, while the rotor is a permanent magnet. But the biggest advantage of this kind of motor is that the AC energy is provided by DC, so that the motor can be accurately controlled and the life problem caused by the brush is solved.

2. Working principle of permanent magnet synchronous motor-characteristics

The Permanent Magnet Motor can be integrally installed on the axle to form an integral direct drive system, that is, one axle is a drive unit, eliminating the need for a gear box. The main characteristics of permanent magnet synchronous motors are as follows:

PMSM itself has high power efficiency and high power factor;

PMSM has little heat, so the motor cooling system has simple structure, small size and low noise;

The system adopts a fully enclosed structure, no transmission gear wear, no transmission gear noise, no lubricating oil, no maintenance;

Permanent Magnet Motor

Permanent Magnet Motor

The allowable overload current of PMSM is large, and the reliability is significantly improved;

The entire transmission system is light in weight, and the unsprung weight is lighter than that of the traditional axle drive, and the power per unit weight is greater;

Since there is no gear box, the steering rack system can be designed at will: such as flexible steering racks and single axle bogies, which greatly improve the dynamic performance of the train.

3. Working principle of permanent magnet synchronous motor

First, the permanent magnet synchronous motor needs to establish the main magnetic field, and the excitation winding is passed through the DC excitation current to establish the excitation magnetic field between polarities; then the three-phase symmetrical armature winding is used as the power winding, which becomes the carrier of the induced electric potential or induced current; in the prime mover When the rotor is dragged to rotate, the excitation magnetic field between the polarities rotates with the shaft and sequentially cuts the stator phase windings. Therefore, the armature winding will induce a three-phase symmetrical alternating potential whose size and direction change periodically. . Through the lead wire, AC power can be provided. Due to the symmetry of the armature winding, the three-phase symmetry of the induced potential is guaranteed.

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