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A Large Synchronous Motor is available with a wide range of industrial applications. Electric motors have become an integral part of industrial production. They convert electrical energy into mechanical energy, enabling industrial machines to perform the tasks assigned to them.Contact us to get more information about the large Synchronous motors.

Large Synchronous Motors Features:

1. Large Synchronous Motors are not inherently self-starting. Some auxiliary means have to be provided for starting.

2. A synchronous motor will stall if, while running, the load on the shaft is increased beyond the maximum limit that the machine can drive.

3. A synchronous motor can be made to operate under wide range of power factor both lagging and leading.

Large Synchronous Motors Advantages:

1. It operates at a constant speed (i.e., synchronous speed) from no-load to full-load.

2. Power factor of a synchronous motor can be easily controlled by changing the excitation of the motor.

3. For low speed (< 300 RPM) applications, synchronous motors are more economical than induction motors.

4. The synchronous motors have high starting torque as compared to induction motors.

5. A single synchronous motor can be used for driving the load as well as correcting the power factor of the plant.

Large Synchronous Motors Application:

1. The synchronous motors are particularly used for low speed (below 300 RPM) applications because at low speed, the power factor can be adjusted to unity and hence the efficiency is high.

2. Since a synchronous motor behaves like a variable inductor or a variable capacitor, it can be used to improve the voltage regulation of transmission lines.

3. Some industrial applications of synchronous motors are such as high power and high speed compressors, blowers, mainline traction, induced and forced draft fans, servo drives, etc.

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