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Precautions for the Use of Explosion-proof Motors.

Sep. 14, 2022

In the use of electric motors, the safety performance during operation is the most important, so it is crucial to do a good job of supervision and protection. The operation of the explosion-proof motor will be shown by the meter indication, temperature fluctuation and dynamic change. So as long as you pay attention to supervision, abnormal conditions can be found in time. So today, ZCL GROUP will introduce some precautions for the operation of explosion-proof motors.


YB2 Explosion-proof Motors

YB2 Explosion-proof Motors


Precautions for the use of explosion-proof motors.


1. Explosion-proof motor current and voltage abnormalities


During normal operation, the current should not exceed the promised value. The ammeter is usually installed in only one phase of the explosion-proof motor. If necessary, low-voltage explosion-proof motors can be used to measure the current of three phases separately with a clamp-on ammeter. The asymmetry of the current is 10%. To check the voltage, a bus voltmeter connected to the explosion-proof motor is usually used for the test. The voltage can vary between -5% and 10% of the additional voltage, with a voltage asymmetry of 5%.


2. High temperature of explosion-proof motors


In addition to explosion-proof motor problems such as shorted windings and short circuits between iron filings, which can cause some high temperatures, factors such as excessive loads, poor ventilation and high ambient temperatures can also cause some temperatures to rise in explosion-proof motors. When making explosion-proof motors, the winding temperature can be measured by resistance temperature measurement method or pre-buried thermocouple. Some temperatures such as core, bearing and slip ring can be measured with alcohol thermometer. When necessary during operation, an alcohol thermometer can be added to the explosion-proof motor shell to monitor the temperature, but the operating temperature should be lower than the standard value of the explosion-proof motor.


3. Explosion-proof motor running with noise, vibration and odor


When the explosion-proof motor works normally, the sound should be uniform and noiseless. Vibration should be controlled according to the speed of the explosion-proof motor within the specified standard values. Anyone touching the bearings with their hands feel numb, indicating serious vibration, should be further checked.


4. Brush state of explosion-proof motor


Attention should be paid to the running state of the brushes on the slip ring.


5. Explosion-proof motor bearing operation state


Pay attention to the smoothness of the bearings, whether the temperature is too high, and whether there is noise. Large explosion-proof motors should pay special attention to the normal operation of the lubricating oil system and cooling water system.


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