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TDMK large synchronous slip ring motor for ball mill

Brand ZCL

Product origin China

Delivery time 45-90 Days

Supply capacity 100 units / month

Product Description

TDMK large synchronous slip ring motor for ball mill

The synchronous motor of the ball mill is a horizontal three-phase salient-pole synchronous motor. The installation method of the motor is horizontal installation. The outer casing of the motor has a circular structure, the protection grade is IP20, and the cooling mode is open ventilation cooling.

The stator of the ball mill synchronous motor is made of public cooling and rolling non-oriented silicon steel sheets, which are laminated after being punched. The frame is a structurally strengthened steel plate welded structure that effectively avoids the effects of natural frequencies.

The stator winding wires of this series of synchronous motors are made of F-grade self-adhesive double-glass-coated iodized film wrapped with flat copper wire. All joints and connections of the stator windings are made of silver brazing (copper wire) or argon arc welding (aluminum wire). The stator windings of this series of motors adopt star connection method, and 6 line ends are drawn out. The main lead ends are marked U1, V1, W1, and the neutral point leading end marks U2, V2, W2. The end of the stator coil is fastened with a polyester sleeve, and is tightly integrated with the end hoop and the support member (insulating member). It has reliable insulation performance and strong anti-vibration and moisture resistance. And through the overall VPI dipping process, the temperature rise of the motor is reduced, and the performance index and operational reliability of the motor and insulation are improved. After the VPI, the coil and the iron core are integrated, the bonding is firm, the mechanical strength of the whole winding is obviously enhanced, and the motor is greatly improved in moisture resistance, water resistance and environmental pollution resistance.

TDMK large synchronous slip ring motor for ball mill

Product Name: High Voltage Ball Mill Synchronous Motor

Rated voltage: 6000V/6600V/10000V/11000V

Capacity range: 350 kW ~ 5000kW

Rated frequency: 50Hz, 60HZ

Cooling method: IC01

Quota: S1

Synchronous speed: 150-187.5r/min

Insulation class: B

Temperature rise level: B

Connection: Y

Protection level: IP00/IP21

Power factor: 0.9 (leading)

Excitation mode: static thyristor (other excitation methods can also be made)

Altitude: no more than 1000m

This large-scale high-voltage synchronous motor is suitable for use in environments where the ambient air temperature does not exceed 40 ° C and there is no serious dust, the minimum ambient air temperature is -15 ° C, and there is no corrosive and explosive gas in the air (which can also be made into a damp heat or high-altitude motor).

TDMK large synchronous slip ring motor for ball mill

This series of ball mill synchronous motor adopts new technology, new materials, new technology, colorful and exquisite, well-made, specific small volume, light weight, high efficiency, low noise, small vibration, safe and reliable operation, convenient use and maintenance. The motor has an advanced power factor (which improves grid power factor), high efficiency, high stability and high overload capability, and has the performance that the speed does not change with load.

TDMK large synchronous slip ring motor for ball mill

TDMK large synchronous slip ring motor for ball mill

The company insists on providing high-quality motor products and services to users, and has won high praise from many domestic and foreign customers. The company will receive many foreign merchants to visit our factory every year, and establish a good cooperative relationship through on-site inspection of our factory. Our company always welcomes customers to visit our factory.

TDMK large synchronous slip ring motor for ball mill

TDMK large synchronous slip ring motor for ball mill

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