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AC Slip Ring Motor

Brand: ZCL

Product Origin: China

Delivery Time: 30-60 days

Supply Capacity: 500 units/month

Product Description

YR series AC slip ring (IP23) motor is a protective wound rotor asynchronous motor. The power level and installation dimensions of the motor are in accordance with IEC standards. The enclosure protection class is IP23, the cooling mode is IC01, and the continuous operation system (S1). Suitable for natural places that are free of flammable, explosive, corrosive gases and relatively clean. 

The YR AC slip ring motor can provide a large starting torque at a small starting current and can adjust the speed within a certain range. It can be widely used in: 
(1) requires a larger starting torque than a squirrel-cage rotor motor; 
(2) The capacity of the feeder line is insufficient to start the squirrel-cage rotor motor; 
(3) Long starting time and frequent starting; 
(4) A small range of speed regulation is required; 
(5) Liancheng "electric shaft" for synchronous transmission, such as: winch, hoist, wire drawing machine, compressor, ball mill, sugar mill, winch, conveyor belt, etc., need heavy load starting, short-time overload operation Equipment.

YR AC slip ring motor is a protective winding rotor asynchronous motor. The power level and installation dimensions of the motor are in accordance with IEC standards. It has the advantages of high efficiency, strong overload capability, low noise, low vibration, reliable structure and beautiful appearance. A large number of mechanical equipment are used together, which can be matched and exchanged with imported equipment. YR slip ring motor is an upgraded product used to replace the old type of wound rotor motor of JR, JR2, JR3, etc. It is an ideal product to achieve energy saving, improve the technical level and operational reliability of the supporting mainframe. The stator of the motor adopts the external press-fit structure, the coil end has reliable support and binding, and the rotor adopts high-strength lacquered flat copper wire. The coil has high mechanical strength, stable and reliable insulation performance, and a separate grounding terminal in the junction box.

YR AC asynchronous slip ring motor adopts Class B or Class F insulation, rated voltage is 380V (also can be made into 660V), rated frequency is 50Hz, stator is △ connection method (Y connection method at 660V), rotor is Y connection method . The structure and installation type of the motor is IMB3 (the base has a foot, the end cover has no flange, and the horizontal type). Stator outlet mode: frame number H160-315 is the side outlet; frame number H355-400 is the ejector line.

Product Parameters

Center height range: 160-400mm

Motor power range: 7.5KW-630KW

Rated voltage: 380V/415V/660V/690V

Number of poles: 4/6/8/10/12

Rated frequency: 50Hz/60Hz

Protection level: IP23

Cooling method: IC01

Working system: S1

Insulation class: B or F

Wiring method: stator △ connection method, rotor is Y connection method

Installation method: B3 (horizontal installation)

Ambient temperature: ≥ -15 ° C and ≤ 40 ° C

Remark: When starting this type of motor, the starting varistor must be connected to the rotor circuit of the motor. It is not permissible to short-circuit the rotor windings directly.

Feature of Product

YR AC slip ring has the advantages of high efficiency, strong overload capability, low noise, low vibration, reliable structure and beautiful appearance. The motor casing is a rigid cast iron casing, and the motor slip ring is located outside the non-bearing end for easy replacement and maintenance.

AC Slip Ring Motor

Factory Glimpse

Our company's motor manufacturing factory adheres to the concept of green, efficient and energy-saving production service, pays attention to the harmonious development of internal and external environment, builds environmentally friendly motor manufacturing enterprises, strictly implements motor standard process, and selects high-quality energy-saving materials to ensure the quality of motor products.

AC Slip Ring Motor

Customer Visit

The company insists on providing high-quality motor products and services to users, and has won high praise from many domestic and foreign customers. The company will receive many foreign merchants to visit our factory every year, and establish a good cooperative relationship through on-site inspection of our factory. Our company always welcomes customers to visit our factory.

AC Slip Ring Motor

Product Use

The motor products manufactured and sold by our company are used in many industries, such as electric power, mining, steel metallurgy, petrochemical, water conservancy, transportation, building materials and many other industries. The equipment for the motor is pump, machine tool, fan, mill, crusher, rolling mill, compressor and many other industrial equipment.

AC Slip Ring Motor

Why Choose Us

1. Professional motor manufacturing service provider;

2. Sound product quality management and certification system;

3. Have a professional sales and technical service team;

4. The motor has perfect process and strong mechanical processing capability;

5. High standard product technical service system;

6. Good faith and mutual benefit, good credit guarantee.

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