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YTM/YHP/YMPS high-voltage asynchronous motor for coal mill

Brand ZCL

Product origin China

Delivery time 45-90 Days

Supply capacity 200 units / month

Product Description

YTM/YHP/YMPS high-voltage asynchronous motor for coal mill

YTM, YHP, YMPS coal mill special high-voltage motor meets the standard requirements of "JB/T 7128 YTM, YHP, YMPS series three-phase asynchronous motor technical requirements", this series of high-torque high-voltage motor is dedicated to coal mill Supporting motor, the motor meets the driving needs of coal grinding, can ensure the start of the coal mill at any time, and the self-starting at 75% of the rated voltage after the power is restarted, and take effective measures to prevent the asynchronous motor cage from being welded. And the phenomenon of broken cages.

YTM, YHP, YMPS high-voltage motors, especially those used to drive coal mills and powder exhaust fan equipment, due to large equipment load, frequent starting, long starting time when using ordinary motors, frequent rotor failures, affecting the normal operation of the equipment . The high-torque motor starts in the design and manufacturing process, effectively shortens the starting time, and successfully solves the problems of open welding and broken cage of the motor rotor. This series of motors is the first choice for the motor of the coal mill, and can be used as metallurgy and chemical industry. Drive motors for heavy-duty equipment in industries such as mining and building materials.

YTM, YHP, YMPS The motor torque-speed characteristic curve is relatively flat, the starting torque, maximum torque and minimum torque are higher than 3 times, the starting time is short, the starting performance and overloading ability are excellent, especially suitable for having Mechanical equipment with high starting torque and overload capability.

YTM, YHP, YMPS series motors are drive motors specially used for various coal mills in power stations, mines, metallurgy and other industries. It has the characteristics of blocking torque and large heat capacity, and can also be used to drag other mechanical devices with similar characteristics. The enclosure protection class is IP54, the rated voltage is 6KV, and it can also be made into 3KV. This series of motors works normally and is safe and reliable.

YTM, YHP, YMPS series high-voltage motors are all box-type structure, the machine base is welded by steel plate, light weight and good rigidity. A closed cooler is installed on the top of the motor for easy disassembly and assembly, which facilitates maintenance and repair of the motor.

YTM, YHP/YMPS coal mill motor stator windings use Class F insulation, reliable fixed binding at the ends, and vacuum pressure impregnation solventless paint process (VPI) treatment, therefore, the motor's insulation performance is excellent and reliable, mechanical strength is good , moisture resistance is good.

YTM, YHP/YMPS high torque motors use advanced and reliable cast aluminum rotor structure to ensure the reliability of motor operation. YHP, YMPS series motors use a copper bar rotor structure to ensure the high starting torque of the motor.

YTM/YHP/YMPS high-voltage asynchronous motor for coal mill

Center height range: 450-630 (mm)

Power range: 280~2500 KW

Voltage: 6000V/6600V

Number of poles: 6/8/10

Rated frequency: 50Hz/60Hz

Protection level IP54

Insulation class F

  Cooling method IC611

Working mode S1

Installation method: IMB3

The motor operating location does not exceed 1000m; the ambient air temperature varies with the season, but does not exceed 40 °C; the minimum ambient air temperature is -15 °C; the highest relative humidity is 90%, and the lowest temperature is not higher than 25 °C.

YTM/YHP/YMPS high-voltage asynchronous motor for coal mill

Large blocking torque, large heat capacity, reliable performance, easy maintenance, low noise and low vibration.

YTM/YHP/YMPS high-voltage asynchronous motor for coal mill

YTM/YHP/YMPS high-voltage asynchronous motor for coal mill

Main process flow of the motor

Motor stator: casing processing → punching press → iron core seating → coil making → weaving → dipping paint drying

Electronic rotor: blank shaft processing → iron core press installation → iron core cast aluminum → rotor string shaft → weave → dipping paint drying → dynamic balance

Motor assembly: stator rotor assembly → machine test → motor appearance coloring → packaging storage

YTM/YHP/YMPS high-voltage asynchronous motor for coal mill

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